During the riding season, the MBA sponsors five organized rides per week; and three rides per week year-round (weather permitting). In order to add variety and convenience for more members, ride starts are throughout the Michiana-area. The RIDE CALENDAR details the location of the ride start for each ride. 

The ride calendar is built relatively far in advance and, in general, locations and times will not change. However, our policy is that rides may be changed up to 24-hours prior to the ride, therefore, please confirm ride details within that 24-hour window. 

Anyone is welcome to ride with the MBA; non-members must sign a guest waiver. 


  • Riders must wear a helmet on all MBA rides.

  • Riders should depart from the ride staging area no sooner than the scheduled ride start time.

  • New riders should be greeted and matched up with an appropriate buddy.

  • Avoid dropping riders when they will be solo / the last rider on the road, especially if they are new riders.

  • Always confirm for yourself that you are safe even if another rider calls "CLEAR."

  • When cars are attempting to pass ride single file.


This ride is scheduled during the prime riding season (April to September- and beyond if weather permits) and is 10-17 miles at 10-13 miles per hour. The ride start will be Pinhook Park (at 6: 00 p.m.) for all rides. The group always stays together. and will adjust distance and pace based on the group at the ride. The leisure ride has a host and maps are not required. The length of the ride increases through the riding season. 

PINHOOK PARK | 2801 Riverside Drive | South Bend, Indiana


This ride usually has two groups when the weather is nice. The slower group rides about 13-15 mph and faster group about 15-17 mph. On days when the weather is not great there may only be a faster group. Once formed groups  stay together (no drops). Occasionally a lunch stop will be included in the ride. These rides are scheduled year-round, but riders usually only show up when the weather is good (dry and above 45 degrees). There is no ride host for these rides so you should print and bring your own map or use the GPS route.


This ride starts at 9:00 am during the prime riding season, 1 pm in cold weather.


This ride is at 6:00 p.m. at various ride start locations in the South Bend area. In the fall when there is reduced evening daylight the ride will start at 5:30. This is the most popular weekly ride with riders of all skills in attendance. There will always be a range of distances (15 to 35 miles) with the exact distances dependent on the start location. There is a ride host and maps/cue sheets will be provided (also accessed on RwGPS).


This ride starts at 6:00 pm during the prime riding season, later in the off-season.


These rides start at locations throughout the Michiana area with some locations relatively far from South Bend. The start times are adjusted based on the likely weather (later in the spring and fall / earlier in the summer).


These rides include longer distance options (60+ miles). If the weather is decent there will almost always be groups riding the longer distances at a faster pace (17+ average). During the prime riding season (May-September) there will usually be riders riding a variety of distances and speeds. There is no ride host for these rides so you should print and bring your own map (also accessed on RwGPS).